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micro topping

What is a Micro-topping?

Microtopping or Microcement is a cementicious material used to coat any rigid surface giving it a beautiful and seamless texture and the modern look of polished cement. It is ideal to cover damaged concrete floors that have signs of ghosting, patches or chemical stains. It can also be applied over tiles, walls, ceiling and furniture allowing to remodel without removing in interiors and exteriors. This makes it the perfect material for quick renovations from your living room to your pool.


Remodel Without Removal


  • No Demolition

  • No Grinding

  • No Chemical Removal

  • No Sandblasting

  • Fast turnaround

Ideal to cover up ghosting and concrete defects

Benefits and Uses of Microtoping


  • It’s 100% Waterproof

  • Antibacterial Surface, will not support mold and will reduce allergen

  • Will decrees the time of remodeling

  • Will adhere to any substrate

  • UV Stable, will not change color with time

  • Endless Color and Texture Posibilities

  • A microtoping is the ideal way to create a more unique and aesthetically pleasing flooring option without having to replace a worn concrete slab with new flooring.

  • It can bring new life to an otherwise drab, outdated, and worn floor, and it can also add a new dimension of color and vibrancy to the room.

  • It can be used on any concrete surface

  • It’s an excellent alternative to polish concrete

  • You’ll get a Seamless Surface

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